As I mentioned in another post, we always ask our clients what style best describes them? You may be asking yourself, what is a photographic style, let alone what is mine? Your style is how you want to see yourself portrayed in pictures. What are you known for? What do you like? Pictures that tell the story of who you are.


Traditional wedding photography or as it is also called, formal wedding photography are pictures like you would see in your parents wedding album. These are preplanned poses and can be very elegant looking when done right. This type of photography involves a lot of interaction from the photographer as they need to setup each shot to capture the desired results. I will work with my partner to choreograph the placement and picture taking to make this run smooth and quick. We work in tandem to keep everyone organized so it doesn’t take a long time to get the shots. This is usually good for pictures of the wedding party with close family. It also allows the parents to get to the reception before the wedding party to make sure everything is ready and start to greet guests.


Artistic wedding photography are usually more relaxed pictures but still a bit formal. These could be us putting the client into fun poses or we take more random or candid shots of you just being you. This type of photography relies heavily on the artistic skills and judgment of the photographer. Click on the gallery to see a few samples of what I am talking about. All of those are just shots I took while the bride and groom where just relaxing after we got a few formal poses on the beach.

Photo Journalistic

Photo journalistic wedding photography is fully in the hands of the photographer. They have complete freedom and creative control over the shoot. This is where the photographer ‘blends in’ with the crowd and just takes pictures. No posing and most of the time you are not aware they are doing it. I love this style as I go off in corners and get up on chairs and take shots from across the room or my partner takes a camera, puts it on a pole and shoots from above the crowd. Makes for really cool pictures and we capture the moment. Nothing stages, just people being people. The gallery to the right has a few samples.


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