I have read many articles on why you should and in some cases shouldn’t hire a professional photographer vs. trusting your special day to ‘Uncle Joe’ or that college buddy that has a good camera. I even read an article on ‘crowd sourcing’ your wedding day and save the money on a photographer. Its funny that I posted a reply stating if you will ‘crowd source’ your photographer (let the guests take the pics and upload to social media so you can download them), why not crowd source your reception or the bar? If the guests can take your pictures, they surely can bring a plate to pass and a 12 pack of bud, right? They never posted my reply. Huh, wonder why? This is a good example of an “am I getting information from a reputable source” or is this just banter from someone that really doesn’t have a clue what they are talking about and writing something for the sake of writing. In this day and age of ‘fake news’, always check your sources and cross reference them with other known reputable sources.


Lets face it, getting married is not cheap and almost every bride wants the fairy tale wedding. But unless you ‘have more money than Davey Crockett’, you are most likely on a budget and have to get the most bang for your buck. When shopping for a reception hall and caterer you go and check the place out, get a sample dinnerĀ (sampling the cakes from the different bakers was my fav part), check out the options and pricing and make a decision on who to go with based on how much you can spend and what you are getting for your money. Choosing a photographer is no different. If you Google Wedding Photographers you get pages and pages of them. Which one do you choose? They ALL say they are ‘Buffalo’s Best‘ or ‘Buffalo’s Premier Photographer‘, I love ‘Voted Buffalo’s Best‘, really, where? by whom? prove it?

Yes I am biased on this topic as I am a professional photographer so don’t take my word for it. Here are a few articles that came up when I Googled ‘Why hire a professional wedding photographer’.

Top 4 Reasons Hiring a Professional Photographer for Your Wedding Is the Best Decision You Can Make


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